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This page was last updated October 05, 2011.

If you've come this far then you're probably anxious to buy one, but please read the rest of this information first. The instructions for ordering one are down below, I promise, but there's a lot of other information that you should know first. I recommend that you read everything, maybe more than once, just to be sure you understand what you're getting and to ensure that you aren't disappointed.

Please don't email me directly for information about this order unless you have some deeply personal thing that you need to discuss. All other discussions about the SBC6120/FP6120 should be directed to the Spare Time Gizmos Yahoo! group so that we can all hear what's said and participate. If you haven't already joined this group then you should, and while you're there check out the group archives. There are lots of pictures and files related to past SBC6120 builds.

I assume that you already know what the SBC6120 and FP6120 are and that you have a basic idea of how they go together and the parts required. If you don't then you might want to read the manuals first -

bulletSBC6120 User's Manual
bulletFP6120 User's Manual

The parts that you are buying from Spare Time Gizmos are

bulletThe beautiful FP6120 faceplate, silk screened in five colors and laser cut
bulletSBC6120 bare PC board (four layers, silk screened and solder masked)
bulletFP6120 bare PC board (two layers, silk screened and solder masked)
bulletOne NOS HD6120 PDP-8 CPU chip
bulletA set of 20 paddle switches for the FP6120
bulletA custom machined LED shadow bar for the FP6120
bulletThree 64Kx4 SRAMs
bulletTwo 27C256 EPROMs pre-programmed with BTS6120
bulletFive pre-programmed PLDs (three for the SBC6120 and two for the FP6120)
bulletTwo stacking bus connectors used to connect the SBC6120 to the FP6120

That's all - the rest of the parts you will need to supply yourself. There is a complete parts list in the back of the SBC6120 and FP6120 manuals, and there are also some more current lists, complete with DigiKey and Mouser part numbers, in the Spare Time Gizmos group files area.  Unfortunately, the only paddle color that the switch vendor has in stock in large enough quantities to fill our order is BLACK.  The white does look a little better, I'll admit, but we've used black in the past and it looks pretty good with the FP6120 colors.


You should expect to spend another $100 to $200 for the remaining PCB mounted components, depending on how well stocked your parts box is. And of course that doesn't include an enclosure, terminal, disk drive or power supply. There are people in the Spare Time Gizmos group who have offered to do a group buy of all the remaining parts and sell them - that's fine with me and you're welcome to get your parts there if you choose. Some vendors (e.g. DigiKey) also have the ability to set up a public BOM so that somebody could set up a list of the required parts and then everybody else could just order from that list - that's fine with me too, if one of you would like to manage it.

Spare Time Gizmos won't be selling a full kit of parts for either the SBC6120 or the FP6120. My role here is to make it possible for you to get the unique, "unobtainium" parts that you just can't get anywhere else. It doesn't make financial sense for me to sell you parts that anybody can get from the corner Radio Shack, Dick Smith or Maplin, and I have no desire to be in that business.

Shipping and handling charges to US domestic addresses are $40 for USPS Priority mail with insurance. International shipping to addresses outside the US is $65, once again for Priority mail and insurance. I'm afraid that this is the only shipping option - I can't ship by UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. Also, if you order more than one kit, then they'll be shipped separately - the shipping boxes that I use really aren't big enough to hold two faceplates safely. That means that there's no shipping discount for multiple orders.

I know some people want to order just SBC6120s without FP6120s, or the reverse, or even just some specific part such as switches. I CAN'T ACCOMMODATE ANY OF THOSE REQUESTS. Sorry. It just takes way too much time and effort to keep track of what everybody wants and calculate special shipping charges when everybody wants something different. The only option is to buy the combined SBC6120/FP6120 partial kit.

If you buy a SBC6120/FP6120 kit from me you're more than welcome to part it out and sell whatever bits and pieces you want. My advice to the people who only want this part or that is to get together (advertising on the Spare Time Gizmos Yahoo! group would be a good start) and work out deals privately.

I think that's all the details. If you have questions or think of something that I haven't mentioned, then please post them to the Spare Time Gizmos group.

Here's a recap

bulletYou're buying a partial kit of the hard to find parts only
bulletAvailable for shipment now
bulletOrders are $600 each via Google Checkout
bullet$40 domestic shipping; $65 international shipping
bulletCA orders pay 9.25% sales tax
bulletFollow ups to the Spare Time Gizmos Yahoo! group

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