Disk/UART/RTC/NVR Parts List

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Disk, UART and RTC Board

Disk/UART/RTC/NVR Daughter Board Parts List
Ref/Desig Manuf. P/N Vendor Stock # Description
R1 common 10M ohm 1/8W 5% carbon resistor
R2 common 330 ohm 1/8W 5% carbon resistor
RP1 Digi-Key 4606X-1-472LF-ND 4.7K 6 pin 5 resistor SIP
C1, C2 JameCo 15405 22pf 0.1" 50V mono ceramic capacitor
C3-C6 JameCo 33662 1uF 35V tantalum capacitor
C7, C8 Anchor 47/6 47uF 6V tantalum capacitor
C9, C10 - - - - unused
C11-C17 JameCo 332672 0.1uF ceramic monolithic bypass capacitor (0.1" LS)
D1, D2, D3 1N914 JameCo 36311 Small signal switching diode
D4 Dialight 555-2301 Digi-Key 350-1716-ND Green 2mm LED (right angle PCB mount) (see note below)
U1 Atmel ATF22V10CQZ STG  ! ! ! Flash GAL (quarter power)
U2 74HC245 JameCo 296-1197-5-ND Octal bus transceivers
U3 74HC174 Digi-Key 568-7800-5-ND Hex D flip flops w/clear
U4 Dallas DS12887A Jameco 2059356 Nonvolatile RAM and Real Time Clock
U5 Maxim MAX232 JDR MAX232CPE RS232 Line Driver/Receiver
U6 - - - - unused
U7 16C450 Jameco 27570 Asynchronous Communication Element (UART)
U8 74HC04 Jameco 45209 Hex Inverter
Y1 Jameco 101274 2.4576Mhz HC18 crystal
J1 CommConn or
1184-24G or
Samtec or
24 pin stacking bus connector
J2 GC/Waldom 53856-5010 Digi-key WM18587-ND Type I CF connector, SMT right angle top mount
J3  ? DB9 male PCB mount
J4 Digi-Key MHB40K-ND 40 pin 0.1" shrouded header (IDE)
JDR MPSOC-16 DIP16 machined pin IC socket
JDR MPSOC-20 DIP20 machined pin IC socket (0.300")
JameCo 39386 DIP24 machined pin IC socket (0.300")
JameCo 39351 DIP24 machined pin IC socket (0.600")
JDR MPSOC-40 DIP40 machined pin IC socket
JP1-JP5 Anchor 108338 2 pin 0.1" header (jumper)
JameCo Shorting plugs
STG ELFDISK-1B STG  ! ! ! Printed circuit board

D4 Note: You can also use the Dialight 555-2303 LED – this LED has an integral dropping resistor for operation on 5V.
If you use the 2303 LED, replace resistor R2 with a wire link.

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