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STG1681 Pixie Graphics Replacement

STG1861 Parts List
Ref/Desig Manuf. P/N Vendor Stock # Description
C1-C4 JameCo 332672 0.1uF ceramic monolithic bypass capacitor (0.1" LS)
D1, D2 1N914 JameCo 36311 Small signal switching diode
U1, U2 Atmel ATF22V10CQZ STG  ! ! ! Flash GAL (quarter power)
U3 74HC4040 JameCo 45920 12 bit counter
U4 74HC165 JameCo 45495 8 bit parallel in serial out shift register
JameCo 37197 DIP16 machined pin IC socket
JameCo 39378 DIP24 machined pin IC socket (0.300")
 ? 12 pin female header strip
 ? 12 pin wire wrap header strip
 ? Shorting plugs
Keystone 1560A Mouser 534-1560A #4-40 swage stand offs, 0.125" high, 0.250" diameter
Olander?  ? 4-40 1/2" hex nylon M/F standoffs
Olander?  ? 4-40 1/4" Philips pan head nylon screws
STG PIXIE-1B STG  ! ! ! Printed circuit board

[edit] Additional Information

Discussion: Using the STG1861 and/or a CDP1861 chip on the Elf2K board

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